Bar stock needle valves

Inoxmecc Valves&Fittings Instrumentation Valves are designed for mounting to Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Switches. The standard types are equipped with a bleed screw. A diverse range of options and the relevant accessories are available.


Bar stock manifolds

Inoxmecc Valves&Fittings oer a variety of 2-3 and 5 valve instruments manifolds in direct and remote mount style with vent


Check valves

The check valves are used to avoid contamination inthe purge systems or to protect the measuring and controlling instruments


Instruments ball valves

Inoxmecc Valves&Fittings three piece simple ball valve is designed to provide higher strength and integrity by using the same dynamic multi-ring gland system as in the needle valves, which when combined with the anti-blowout back seating stem, guarantees resistance to many perating processes and pressures.



For direct and close mounting to the flange connection of process isolating valves on horizontal and vertical pipe lines.Compact
block, block and bleed, double block and bleed


Double Block & Bleed Valves

Inoxmecc Valves&Fittings instrumentation products provide the ultimate suitable solutions for an integral block & bleed valve, which consists of one piece forged body. It provides lots of benefits, featuring a choise of end connections, body style and valve type.


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